If you’re a self-published author, you’ll know how much time and effort goes into perfecting your story. Once your work is on paper or published in digital form, there’s often no way to go back and correct any mistakes. Take advantage of our low proofreading rates and ensure no mistakes slip through the cracks.

  • non-fiction books

  • novels/novellas

  • manuscripts

  • fan fiction

  • eBooks

 We know budgets can be tight for self-published authors, so we offer special rates for proofreading novels and other documents with a high word count. For documents over 50,000 words, our rate is just £5/$8.50 per 1,000 words.



Or if you're looking to advance your career, we can help there too. We also proofread:


  • C.Vs/resumes

  • job applications

  • business plans

  • letters


Proofreading for authors and individuals