Proofreading for students and academics

When it comes to submitting that all-important essay, dissertation or thesis, the stakes are high. You’ve spent weeks, or even months, crafting that perfect piece of work. Maybe you even pulled a couple of all-nighters to get it just right. But are you completely confident you haven’t let any mistakes slip through? It’s likely you’ve been looking at your work for so long, you can’t find the small spelling and grammar errors which could lose you valuable marks. For international ESL students, for whom English is a second language, it’s even easier to miss small mistakes such as missing words or misplaced apostrophes. Why not take some of the pressure off and let Wise Words Editorial proofread your essay? Please see below for prices.

We offer a range of services when proofreading for students. Here are just some of the projects we can work on:

  • essays

  • dissertations

  • theses

  • UCAS forms

  • university applications

  • personal statements

  • coursework

  • projects

  • reports

  • papers

  • C.Vs/resumes

  • job applications

  • graduate scheme applications

We offer specialised rates for student proofreading. At just £7.50/$12.50 per 1,000 words, you can safeguard your work against errors. We also offer a £5/$8.50 discount for every 3,000 words you submit, so you save even more on long documents such as dissertations and theses.